Costs and timing


The plan for the restoration of the Altarpiece of Pietro Lorenzetti at la Pieve in Arezzo is sponsored by R.I.C.E R:C.A., authorized and directed by the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro and by the Superintendencies for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Siena, Grosseto, and Arezzo.

R.I.C.E R:C.A. has taken on the task of soliciting donations to finance the project, following a period of diagnostic testing, studies, cleaning tests, discussions with eminent scholars, and research. The results of this study, along with the results of the scientific tests, helped make the decision to undertake a complete restoration of the work.

The next steps of the project include: cleaning of the pictorial surface, conducted entirely under a microscope; stucco work in the gaps and pictorial restoration of the entire work. These steps will require an increased level of funding compared to what was previously forecast.


Projected costs: € 302.486,00

Donations received up to 30th November 2019  :€ 277.164,10    (22% VAT included)


Additional support needed:  €25,321,90


The foregoing projections do not include the cost of reconstruction of the monumental frame ,the specifications and costs of which are in progress.

The financing progress rate costs are updated every three months starting from the frst month of the year.


Progress rate FINANCING

Progress rate RESTORATION


Not including  the reconstruction of the monumental frame.

Help us to raise the funds to complete the restoration and return the altarpiece to it’s home the church where it belongs in Arezzo. Only with YOUR generous donation will we manage to finish our work by the end of 2019!